We design the games first in our minds, we exchange ideas during coffee-tea breaks, we project after the classic “This is my idea, no! Mine is better” “it’s couldn’t be like this, it should be like that” fights and then we start to develop into 2-week sprints! With 2D-3D artists, illustrators, server and client-side experienced software developers in our company, as well as 18 March University Motion Capture studio, it becomes a little easier for us to implement the games we dream about.

Of course, we should not forget the product manager following all these processes, the Scrum Master who overwhelms the team for 15 minutes every day with questions like, “What did you eat today, what did you drink, is there a situation that prevents the pleasure of coffee?” and general manager saying make overtime work, come on weekends, if necessary, do not leave the office and sleep here.”

If you have a game project that you want to implement or have no idea, you can contact us if you just want to make a game to increase your company’s brand awareness, but you don’t know how it should be. We can come up with hundreds of ideas and present them to you!



No matter what sector you work in, if you can’t keep up with technology, your end will be inevitable. By keeping up with technology, we’re not talking about making a website and campaigning on social media. Regardless of your customer portfolio, now everyone wants to innovate and get a service they haven’t experienced before.

If you have a real estate office, what would it be like if you could show a 3D model of the houses you are selling on your own desk from your mobile phone or a tablet, and the customer could look at the rooms in that house as if they were actually visiting? Or you have a decoration shop, what if you let customers place the products in the catalogue with their own hands, change their colours, turn them around?

If technology is just about giving you free WiFi in your store, you can go back to the real world by clicking on the “X” sign on the right of our site! But you can contact us if you want to take your business one step ahead, do what your competitors don’t do and double your sales.



This is where we are most ambitious! When we have a team that has worked in all areas of the gaming industry for 15 years and has published more than 20 games, we can’t be too modest about game publishing!

Once we started developing games within ourselves, we got a better understanding of the importance of publishing. All that work, spend millions and develop a game, and then give the publisher the key to success! He doesn’t keep his promises, he doesn’t advertise, he makes mistakes in the operation, he fails for retention! Is that gonna happen? Of course not!

Work or do not work with us our advice to you: even don’t drink coffee with companies that have not seen the bottom and the top in publishing life, not developed at least 2-3 games, having a team not grown in the kitchen of this business!

Licensing games is like getting married. If there is no firm union between the producer and the publisher, that marriage, unfortunately, ends in a short time. We, as Ntroy, have been involved in the projects of the games that have made $ 10 turnover and we have been involved in the projects of the games that have made million dollars turnovers.

Let’s move forward together in the growing Turkey and MENA market. We promise you that we will have no problems in this marriage!



We offer user-friendly, fast, creative, unique and affordable web and mobile solutions to SMEs operating in all sectors of medium and large scale. In interviews, please do not ask questions such as, “Does system collapse? Will my application have bugs?” because there will be problems surely. The important thing is not to encounter a problem, but to get quick support and not to loss data when that problem occurs. If you have a software company that says “our application never crashes, never causes problems” around you, please introduce us to them and let them do all our software projects as well.

I wrote something here because they said me, “if we write your name in the references section, we’ll give you pizza for 1 month and unlimited use in our entertainment centres free of charge.” I wonder what size the pizzas would be. Pffs, we didn’t talk about that…
Abuzittin Kopuver, Yolunda A.Ş
“Well, I don’t know Ntroy or anything. I wanted to give a social message because I had the chance to write on a page like this. Please don’t buy animals at petshops! Rescue them from the streets…”
Panter Şükriye, Turkey Feed Federation