Sourdough has become our passion, and even our obsession, maybe. If only our kitchen could speak our language and secretly interview our chefs who would tell you about the most counter-intuitive gastronomic experiments going on in our kitchen. Using sourdough in bread, pizza, buns, and pastry is somewhat understandable, but how could you explain the point in using sourdough in Kalburabastı dessert?! I sometimes worry that one day, we will go over the top and make our Turkish coffee with sourdough too! (Well… It doesn’t sound like a bad idea, though. We could just ferment some coffee seeds with sourdough at room temperature for 24 hours and hope for the best… Hey chef!! It’s time to roll our sleeves again! Our new experiment is underway!) So, as you see, we have been obsessed with sourdough for real. For this reason, all the pastry served in B&B Pizza and B&B Gurme will contain sourdough whether you like it or not. Now that we have revealed this little secret of ours to you, you won’t need to ask us the source of this freshness, crunchiness, and the natural flavor in our delicacies anymore.

B&B Pizza

We have sadly noticed that R&D efforts usually fall short when it comes to making pizza in our country. There are even times when we just sit down and cry after spotting signs on pizza restaurant windows that proudly say dumb things such as ‘’Pizza Made From Fresh Dough’’. And some of these restaurants are lame enough to promote their pizza by boasting about its toppings or the salad that comes with it instead of the type of dough they make their pizza with.

Order “Pizza + Soda + Fries + Nuggets + Onion Rings” menu now and don’t miss out on the chance to win an inflatable Onion Man!

You will never see such cringe-worthy promotion ideas at B&B Pizza. Instead, you will get to win Steam codes or points that you can spend on video games and whatnot! In fact, we have achieved such unprecedented things on our B&B e-commerce website so far.

We aim to make true Italian pizza. Yes, you heard it right, this is still something we are trying to achieve, and we know we still have a long way to go. No one can master the Italian pizza with a 6-8 month trial-error process anyway. We have made and tested over 1000 different types of dough so far and finally achieved a taste to our liking and we are still working on it. It may be a bit too early now but we firmly believe that maybe in three or five years, there will be some Italian gourmets out there who will be visiting Turkey to feast on our real Italian pizza.

So how exactly can we do it? We blend organic sourdough with special pizza flour that contains 13.5% protein and let the highest quality Erikli water rain over them. Then we leave these nutritious buddies to cold fermentation for 48 hours (God knows what they really do inside). Then, we add some real mozzarella cheese into our anchovy pizza sauce made from tomatoes grown in Çanakkale and serve this magic concoction with Biga style Turkish sausages on the top.

B & B Pizza is only in Çanakkale for now but it is going to open in several other cities in Turkey in the long term just like we are planning with our GameTurk Entertainment Centers. Also, we will begin to review the franchising enquires in March 2020. The mere prerequisite for opening a B&B franchise is loving sourdough. So basically, if you don’t love sourdough as much as we do, you can’t open a franchise no matter how much money you have to offer. 🙂

B & B Pizza Website and Apply for Franchise
“Let Sourdough Do the Magic for You”


People working in software know where to order the best pizza from or which restaurants use bread crumbs in their burgers and try to drown out the dull taste of it by adding an excessive amount of spice in the meat instead of serving real gourmet burgers.

Much as we are passionate about pizza, we try to create our recipes to achieve a unique taste in our hamburgers as well. Rather than outsourcing the crumpets, we make our buns from the organic Brioche bread which we bake ourselves (and of course we use sourdough in it too).

We also make gourmet sandwiches with organic Ciabatta bread as well as cheesecake and tiramisu crowned with the Mascarpone cheese of our own! And finally, you don’t want to miss out on our pasta where durum wheat blends graciously with semolina!

We are located only in Çanakkale for now, and unfortunately, you won’t see any B&B Gurme restaurants elsewhere in Turkey in 2020 since we will only start reviewing franchise applications we’ve received toward the end of 2020. The good news is, we are planning to start opening franchises and set off for our mouth-watering journey across the country in 2021.


We have aged sourdough, a special pizza dough mix, homemade delicacies, and some fantastic local food from Çanakkale. So why should we restrict ourselves from trading them online too? Inspired by this idea, we have started off by acquiring the only key domain name in the food market:, under the brand name of Ntroy. We aren’t hasty about it, though. We will grow gradually and avoid displaying hundreds of products online in the short term as we refuse to sell any products that we don’t produce on our own and serve in our restaurants.


I recommend you should even check the coke you drink at Ntroy restaurants as it may contain sourdough too! In their kitchens, they get their chefs to test 1000 different types of dough, which is kind of torture to us! I’ve begun to see sourdough everywhere, even in my dreams at night where a bunch of whole wheat and rye sourdough bags picket outside my house yelling at me like ‘’How come you haven’t fed us today?! This is all wrong! We want an explanation!’’ Oh dear… Anyways, I have to go to the kitchen and try yet another cupcake with sourdough now. Bye!

Mascarpone Elif, Ntroy

Actually, I was in for a surprise when I saw my comment that I left on the information page having got hundreds of likes. Then I got a call from Ntroy telling me that they serve large pizzas, which made my day! I haven’t tried their pizza yet but they look super-delicious, nothing like anything I’ve had before! (Well… I wonder if they will add an extra bottle of coke in my delivery after reading this comment. Anyway, I will call back the number just in case…)

Abuzittin Kopuver, Yolunda A.Ş