We’re a bunch of crazy but fun, emotional but ambitious team. Some of us are football fans, some of us are film fans. Some of us have a sore in hands due to playing games in spare time, and some of us due to shifting right-to-left on Tinder. Everybody has unique characteristics that from the outside you can say, “what the hell, they’ve recruited all the deranged people into one company.” There those who cry out “Oley the sprint is over” and those who say “I loved this sprint so much now I will miss it so much.” We make huge mistakes from time to time in company management, in game projects, in bilateral relations, and we are not afraid to make mistakes. Our only fear is not to learn “not to make the same mistakes” and failure to take lessons.


The pages of “our vision” and “”our mission”” are of no importance to us. We can’t use fancy words and trick our investors and partners with whom we have developed a business.

We have dreams, and we work hard, day and night, to achieve those dreams. We have a team that thinks fast, makes quick decisions and can take immediate action. We have a team that can call each other at three o’clock in the morning and say, “what if we put this in the game?”

We love the game industry. Our general manager celebrated his 15th anniversary in the game industry this year. We love the game industry so much that we want to reach players from anywhere. In this direction, we turned the food sector into the game and made investments in the entertainment sector.



We seem to be hearing you’re saying what’s relation with the “”food industry?”” So these players don’t eat? Aren’t they going to the market? Don’t they shop outside the game? We want to be in every field that they are in and we want to make people who have never played a game in their life or who don’t like the games as our players by making different sectors play.

In which pizza place can you earn points and buy free Steam wallet , LOL RP and dozens more games with these points? In which pizza place can you try to solve puzzles in pizza boxes and win gifts? We have collected this and dozens of similar features in our B & B Pizza brand. We made such a sour sourdough pizza that it is legendary…

Would it not be nice if, in the future, there will be hotels only for gamers, PS screens or mini PCs instead of boring TV screens in the back seats and the passengers would play games on the multiplayer bus and attendants dress as cosplay?”


As Ntroy we are just the beginning of the road. We have a long road ahead of us, and it’s full of bumps. We are rising at the moment but there will surely be times in the future when we pause and even decline. But we’re not afraid of that because we’ve gained experiences that brought us these points which can’t be bought with the money. We worked in a lot of companies, we published over 25 games, we had failed attempts before; we lost and we won. So we don’t demoralize easily!

Who Can Communicate With Us?

  • Our door is open to all young people who have dreams, who are not afraid to make mistakes, who love to improve themselves. Whether we hire you or not, we are ready to meet you at any time.
  • We are ready to meet publishers Confident in the Age of Cards series, believe this trilogy will explode and who will take care of it like a self-developed game.
  • Our door is open to investors who believe in us and can mentor us not just financially.

I do not understand whether I’m the product manager here or a subject for trials. I have a belly already by saying “We did it, let’s try it,” “We did that let’s try it.” No, I cannot oppose the products because they are very nice. I’m smelling environment but I can’t figure out the situation also. About us all the best. In the meantime, we have opened discord group for Age of Cards if you want to test the game, contact me somehow. To whomever you ask in Ismetpaşa, “” Where is Kadir the last sniffer?”” they will show me.
Last Sniffer Kadir, Ntroy
At my Ntroy journey started as a developer, I found myself carrying things when the office was moved. Then, without knowing how, I found myself teaching C# for the enterprise. What they say; knowledge increases when shared, Ntroy attaches great importance on the development of its staff. All tales, all stories. I don’t know my exact job description, but I’m happy here.(Boss, after this text, you can now think of an extra raise in salary in January)
Chieftain Kürşad, Ntroy
I got the job myself first. Then I got my sister, a food Engineer, as a consultant to Ntroy Foods. Now I have a few more relatives, and once I get them, I’ll have the whole company! If RA has a plan in Age of Cards, then Emre has a plan in the software!
Jack D. Emre, Ntroy